((And that’s it for me. Nighty-night.))

ooc g'night

((Going to bed for real.

Sorry for having nothing of value to contribute today.


ooc g'night

*deadbolts the door before going to bed*


B( g'night

((Oh, man.

A headache just hit me hard, so I’m gonna go get some shut eye.

Erika and Queenie, I’ll do my best to reply to you guys in the morning before I go out. I’ll be shopping for work clothes for my new job (!!!) for most of the day, but I’ll be back later in the evening.

Night darlin’s. <3 ))

ooc g'night

((Yep. Time to get to bed before things can go anymore sideways.

I’ll see y’all tomorrow.))

ooc g'night

((Bedtime for me, darlings.

We’ll play more tomorrow, yeah.


ooc g'night

((Okay, weirdos, I’m going to bed.

Love y’all. G’night!))

ooc g'night

((Oof. I need to sleep now folks. I had a blast today. I’ll pick up any replies I owe tomorrow. Unfortunately class starts tomorrow night and it’s a really long one. But I’ll get in what playing I can.


ooc g'night

((Fuck, it’s late. I have work. I’ll reply to my on-going battles and maybe start some more after I get home tomorrow. Night, all.))

ooc g'night

((Welp. Good night.))

ooc g'night
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